Student Demographics

Statistics Based on 2020-21 Reporting Year

Enrollment Type Number of Students
Annual Student Enrollment 19,622
Annual College Credit Enrollment 18,859
Average Age Student Enrollment 25.5
Average Age Credit Enrollment 24.5

Breakdown of Student Enrollment by Ethnicity

Ethnicity Percentage of Students
Asian 2.9%
Black 10.8%
Hispanic 16.3%
Multi 5.1%
Native American 0.4%
Pacific Islander 0.2%
White 62.7%
Unknown 1.7%

Breakdown of Student Enrollment by Gender

Gender Percentage of Students
Female 61.3%
Male 38.5%
Unknown 0.2%

Enrollment Status/ College Credit

Enrollment Status Percentage of Students
Full-time 32.6%
Part-time 67.4%

Degrees Sought

Degree Percentage of Students
Associate in Arts 60.7%
Associate in Science 17.0%
Certificate (CCC, ATD, ATC, CTC) 5.1%
Bachelor 13.9%

Annual Graduation by Program

Degree Graduated
Associate in Arts 2,018
Associate in Science 575
Bachelor Degrees 575
College of Credit Certificate 1,132
Career Technical Certificate (Formerly PSAV) 317
Advanced Technical Certificate 27
Advanced Technology Diploma 114
Mean GPA of EFSC transfer students enrolled in the State University System 3.1
Percentage of EFSC transfer students enrolled in the State University System with GPA at or above 2.5 82.1%

Top Ten College/Career Programs by Enrollment

*Unless noted as annual, data are presented for fall 2020 term.