Cosmetology (COS)

COS 0001  Beginning Cosmetology  
Clock Hours:   120  
Corequisites: COSL 0001  

This course focuses on the theoretical principles of cosmetology skills and knowledge as required by the Florida State Board of Cosmetology including proper sanitation procedures, universal precautions, bacteriology, anatomy, physiology, diseases and disorders of the scalp, hair, and nails, chemistry of water and its effects with shampoo and conditioners, and basic knowledge in electricity as it pertains to salon appliances. Students will also be introduced to product knowledge for proper usage and prevention of waste.

COS 0080  Intermediate Cosmetology  
Clock Hours:   120  
Corequisites: COSL 0080  

This course focuses on theoretical principles in product costs, knowledge of waste, setting service charges, application, proper mixing techniques, correct product selection for permanent waving, and an in-depth study of color theory and chemistry in permanent color, semi-permanent color, temporary color, decolorizing products, high-lift colors, and toners.

COS 0870  Advanced Salon Skills  
Clock Hours:   90  
Corequisites: COSL 0870  

This course focuses on the business side of cosmetology. Students will research and develop business and marketing components to be implemented in a mock salon presentation as they apply previous knowledge to salon ownership including sales, management, budgets, advertising, public relations, staff development, community awareness and involvement. Additionally, students will be presented with written mock state board testing and applicable remediation in preparation for the Florida State Board licensing exam.

COS 0920  Cosmetology Review for State Board  
Clock Hours:   265  
Prerequisites: Consent of instructor  
Lab Fee: Yes  

A review to evaluate students with 1000 contact hours who need to earn the additional hours to meet state requirements.