Practical Nursing (PRN)

PRN 0070  Principles of Nutrition  
Clock Hours:   30  

This course will examine nutrition as it impacts the process of achieving optimal health. This nursing perspective specifically focuses on disease entities, health promotion, and wellness nutrition. Essentials of nutrition, consumer alerts, and global issues of nutrition are also discussed.

PRN 0099  Practical Nursing Foundations Clinical  
Clock Hours:   150  

This course introduces students to patient care skills and safe administration of therapeutic agents to patients of all ages. As a member of the healthcare team, students perform basic and advanced nursing care and skills in acute and long-term care facilities. Throughout the course, students apply pharmacologic concepts and principles related to the safe administration of therapeutic agents to patients of all ages and focus on the mechanisms of drug actions, principles of patient assessment with medications, and safe drug administration.

PRN 0610  Leadership and Management for Practical Nursing  
Clock Hours:   30  

This course is designed to prepare the student for the National Council Licensing Exam - Practical Nursing. Topics also covered include personal and professional development and the leadership and management roles in long term care.