Due to the nature of the allegation and information received, all information regarding harassment will be kept in confidence to the greatest extent practicable and appropriate under the circumstances. The Equity Officer or his/her alternate, who will conduct the investigation, may require the cooperation of other students or employees at the College. Only those individuals necessary for the investigation and resolution of the complaint shall be given information regarding the situation in question. The College cannot, however, guarantee that the identity of the complainant will be concealed from the accused harasser. When reasonable, the College will consider requests for separation of the primary parties during the investigation.

In order to ensure that a complete investigation of harassment claims can be conducted, it may be necessary for the College to disclose to others portions of the information provided by the complainant. The College will make every effort to honor any complainant's or respondent's request that the College not disclose certain information provided, consistent with the College's obligation to identify and to correct instances of harassment, including sexual harassment. All parties to the complaint should treat the matter under investigation with discretion and respect for the reputation of all parties involved.