Formal Process

If the Informal Process does not yield an acceptable resolution for the student; or, if the Informal Process is bypassed, the College Equity Officer will initiate the Formal Grievance Process.

10 Business Days

Utilizing the information gathered during the Informal Process or in the Formal Process request, the Equity Officer has ten (10) business days from completion of the Informal Process to investigate and analyze further the grievance (interview complainant, witnesses, respondent; research legal aspects) and forward the findings to the Dean.

10 Business Days

The Dean has ten (10) business days to resolve this matter.

15 Business Days

If the Dean cannot resolve the issue, the Equity Officer has fifteen (15) business days to convene a three member Hearing Panel, consisting of one person each from complainant peer group, respondent peer group, College administration. Appointed members of the Hearing Panel shall be limited to full-time employees and full-time students. The Hearing Panel shall convene the hearing, calling together interested parties, witnesses and other parties deemed necessary as advisors. They will obtain, review and analyze all relevant records, documents, etc. and submit a recommendation to the Equity Officer.

Note: At any point in time, if due process requires further investigation, a written notice will be sent to the complainant and the respondent.

5 Business Days

After the close of the hearing, the Equity Officer has five (5) business days to prepare a report outlining each issue the panel considered, summaries of important evidence brought to bear on the issue, conclusions, and recommendations. The Equity Officer will communicate the outcome in writing to the complainant and all involved parties.