Investigation Process

The College will consider every claim of harassment or discrimination on an individual basis. In order to ensure an adequate, reliable, and impartial investigation, the Equity Officer:

  • Will meet with complainant as soon as possible for both schedules within the 10 days and the complainant shall be primarily responsible for his/her presentation;
  • Will meet with the respondent to allow for an explanation of the respondent’s position;
  • Will conduct interviews with the witnesses when relevant to the case, including witnesses that interested/involved parties have suggested;
  • Will review all interview information with equal fairness to complainant, respondent, and all witnesses;
  • Will recall witnesses or call additional new witnesses as deemed necessary or helpful to reach a fair decision;
  • Will include only evidence relevant to the case (when/if/as available);
  • Will not discuss the case with anyone outside of the investigation process in order to preserve confidentiality;
  • Will apply the preponderance of evidence standard during this process in order to prove or disprove the allegation or violation;
  • Will submit a written report at the conclusion of the investigation which will contain:
    • the purpose of the hearing,
    • the issues considered,
    • a summary of the testimony and evidence presented,
    • findings of fact discovered during the investigation,
    • recommendation for final disposition of the case.