SAP Statuses & Notification

Students must meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) eligibility standards to receive federal financial aid and the Florida Student Assistance Grant.

Making Progress

Students who are meeting the minimum SAP standards are Making Progress and eligible for aid.

Warning Status

  • Students will be placed on Warning status after one semester of not meeting the Cumulative GPA and/or Completion Ratio standards.
  • Students on Warning are eligible for financial aid. No appeal is necessary.
  • Students must meet both the Cumulative GPA and Completion Ratio by the end of their Warning semester or they will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension and become ineligible for aid.
  • If a student is on Warning, not attending one or more semesters does not affect or change the Warning status. The student will remain on Warning upon reenrolling.

Suspension Status

  • Students who fail to meet the Minimum Cumulative GPA and/or Completion Ratio standards during the semester of enrollment while on Warning are placed on Suspension.
  • Students who exceed 150% of the published length of their program of study are automatically placed on Suspension without first being placed on Warning.
  • Students on Suspension are not eligible for state or federal financial aid.
  • Students on Suspension may appeal if they have special circumstances.


Approved appeals result in a status of Probation.

Students on Financial Aid Probation are eligible to receive financial assistance as long as they meet the conditions of the Financial Aid Academic Plan as specified in the appeal notification. If students fail to meet the standards in their Financial Aid Academic Plan, they are again placed on Suspension and ineligible for financial aid.


  • All students who submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are notified by their student e-mail of their SAP status at the end of each term for which they enroll during the academic year corresponding to the FAFSA submission if they are in Warning or Suspended status.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to read notifications sent to his/her student e-mail account.
  • A student not accessing his/her student e-mail is not an acceptable excuse for not knowing one’s SAP status or the terms of a Financial Aid Academic Plan.


  • A student who has lost financial aid eligibility due to extenuating circumstances may appeal.
  • Submission of an appeal does not guarantee approval of an appeal.
  • Appeals must be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the last day of the semester or part of term for which the aid is sought. Financial aid cannot be reinstated retroactively for a past semester.
  • Extenuating circumstances that may be considered include, but are not limited to, personal illness or accident, serious illness or death within the immediate family, other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the student, major changes, and second degrees.
  • Appeals must be submitted in writing to the Financial Aid Office using the form published by the Financial Aid Office. 
  • Supporting documentation is required. To be considered, documentation must relate to the time period during which SAP standards were not met. Examples of documentation may include, but are not limited to, an obituary notice, divorce decree, or a letter from a physician, attorney, social services agency, parole officer, employer, etc.
  • A student must demonstrate that the condition or situation which caused the student to fail the SAP standards has been resolved.
  • Approved appeals result in the status of Financial Aid Probation. Denied appeals remain on Suspension.
  • Students are notified of appeal results via EFSC student email.
  • A student whose appeal is denied may submit a written request for a review of the appeal to the Financial Aid Director. 

Regaining Eligibility

A student on Suspension may only regain eligibility for financial aid by two methods:

  1. Submitting an appeal that is approved by the Financial Aid Office, or
  2. Successfully completing enough coursework to once again meet the minimum SAP standards (Minimum Cumulative GPA of 2.0, Completion Ratio of at least 67%, and within 150% of published program length) without receiving federal and state need-based financial aid.

Paying for one’s classes or sitting out a term is not sufficient to reestablish eligibility.