Clock Hour Programs

The following provisions apply to clock hour programs:

  • Aid for clock hour programs is disbursed according to completion group. The initial installment will disburse after the Financial Aid Office receives confirmation that the student has begun attendance in the program.
  • Subsequent installments will disburse once the student has completed the necessary number of weeks and hours and has passed the classes within a completion group.
  • The Financial Aid Office cannot release subsequent disbursements until attendance records verifying the time and dates the student’s attendance are received.
  • Clock hour students must clock in and clock out of classes.
  • Withdrawing from classes or ceasing to attend class may result in owing back a portion of federal aid.
  • No more than 10% of class time may be considered excused absences that are not required to be made up. An instructor may follow a stricter policy in his/her class. If a student needs to make up hours beyond the 10% excused absence policy, make-up clock hours must be completed under instructor supervision by the last published class date for the completion period. Makeup hours must be recorded, signed by the instructor, and submitted to the Financial Aid Office on the approved form.