Grade Forgiveness

Grade Forgiveness (Repeating Courses)

State Rule 6A-14.0301

This rule addresses repeated courses and grade forgiveness. Eastern Florida’s grade forgiveness policy allows students to repeat only those courses in which they earn a grade of “D,” “F,” or “W”1. Students are allowed only three attempts in any one course: one initial enrollment and two repeats. The third attempt at a course is charged at a cost equal to the full cost of instruction. Although all course attempts appear on the transcript, only the grade earned in the most recent attempt is calculated in the cumulative GPA. Students are not allowed to withdraw to receive a “W” grade from the third course attempt. In certain circumstances, students may petition through the Associate Dean or Dean to repeat a credit course beyond the three attempts, or to have the full-cost tuition waived.


A course in which a satisfactory grade (“A,” “B,” or “C”) has been earned may not be repeated for grade point purposes, except for extenuating circumstances. Exceptions may include, but are not limited to: needed for admission to a limited access program, taking for employment certification, etc. If student repeats a course in which he earned an “A,” “B,” or “C,” the first passing grade will be included in the GPA. The subsequent grade will appear on the student’s record but will not be included in the GPA.

Note: Other institutions to which students eventually may transfer do not necessarily have the same grade forgiveness policy as Eastern Florida. These schools may recalculate student GPAs or reassess eligibility for financial aid and admission.

  • Grade forgiveness is automatically processed at the end of each term. For questions regarding grade forgiveness, please send an email using the EFSC student email to
  • No course may be repeated for grade forgiveness purposes after graduation.
  • Credit for courses passed through credit by exam, for example Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), DANTES, or International Baccalaureate (IB), may be used to forgive unsatisfactory grades in the same course.
  • A course may be counted only once toward graduation requirements, unless the course is designated as “repeatable.”
  • Once grade forgiveness is applied, the original grade will remain on student’s transcript, but will be excluded from grade point calculation.

Note: Prior to repeating a course, students should consult the Financial Aid Office to determine what impact, if any, withdrawing from or repeating a course has on financial aid status. Students are responsible for the financial aid repercussions and academic status implications of withdrawing from courses. Students are advised that there may be a potential impact of repeated courses when transferring to other institutions, and should consider the possible effect toward excessive hours. Student should consult with an advisor if there are questions.

Note for VA students: VA benefits may be received for repeat courses assigned a grade of “D” if a grade of “C” or higher is required by SBE Rule 6A-10.030.