Academic Action (Auto-Graduation)

Students who meet requirements and do not submit an Intent to Graduate application may be auto-graduated via academic action. Auto-graduates are notified by letter of the degree(s)/certificate(s) that have been awarded. Degree(s)/certificate(s) will be posted on the student’s transcript.

To ensure graduation and conferring of the degree, students should apply for graduation. There is no guarantee that a student who does not apply will be auto-graduated.

Academic action graduates who would like a diploma to commemorate the degree(s)/certificate(s) may submit the payment along with the letter to any campus cashier who will then forward to the Office of the Registrar to process. The diploma(s) will be sent within six (6) to eight (8) business weeks after receipt to the address on file. Outstanding financial obligations to the college will prevent the release of any documents.

Academic action graduates do not participate in the commencement ceremony, are not listed in the commencement booklet and may not reserve guest tickets.