Catalog Year and Continuous Enrollment (Governing Catalog)

The college catalog is the official document that describes the policies, academic programs and requirements for students attending Eastern Florida State College. Students are held responsible for knowing and adhering to the policies and requirements that affect them.

The governing catalog is the College catalog in effect at the time of the student’s initial enrollment in credit courses at EFSC. Student will follow the policies and graduation requirements in the governing catalog except when changed by law or by the Board of Trustees, in accordance with the following guidelines.

Continuous enrollment is the completion of at least one course within three consecutive terms. Completion of a course means student earned a grade in the course, including a letter grade, I or W%. Spring, summer, and fall are each considered a term.

  • The initial governing catalog term is the same as the initial term of registration. To maintain that catalog term, student must maintain continuous enrollment.
  • The governing catalog is valid for five academic years. The governing catalog for students whose catalog has expired will be the one in effect in the next term of enrollment.
  • A student may officially declare any subsequent catalog as his/her governing catalog and follow its requirements providing he/she has continuous enrollment and the catalog is not more than 5 years old.
  • If a student changes his/her degree or certificate program, he/she is required to choose from the current program offerings and follow the requirements of that catalog. Student should check if a catalog year change affects financial aid.
  • The governing catalog for students pursuing limited access programs will be the catalog in effect when they are accepted into the program.
  • After three consecutive terms of non-attendance, student will be inactivated and catalog term will be updated upon readmission.
  • In all instances, students who return to EFSC after enrolling at another college or university (except with transient or cross-registration permission) must follow the graduation requirements of the catalog in effect at the time of their readmission.