Auditing a Class

See “AU – Audit” in the Academic Policies section. Students who have been admitted to EFSC and who wish to take classes without receiving credit may request to audit a class. The following guidelines apply:

  • Student must have a standard diploma from an accredited high school, State issued GED, or be a homeschool graduate.
  • Students must submit a Request to Audit form to the Admissions and Records Office.
  • Student may change from audit to credit or credit to audit up until the published last day to drop.
  • Fees for audited classes are the same as graded classes.
  • Students should confirm their audit status with the instructor at the first class meeting.
  • Classes taken on an audit basis will not be counted when calculating eligibility for Veterans benefits, financial assistance, or certification of enrollment by outside agencies.
  • Students auditing classes must meet all class prerequisites, including appropriate test scores.
  • Students may not audit college developmental classes (SBE Rule 6A-14.0301). Other limited access classes also may not be available for audit.
  • Student will receive a grade of "AU" for classes audited. Classes that are audited will not affect the grade point average or academic standing, and will not award credits
  • Audited classes count as "attempts" toward full cost tuition. Class tests or examinations are not required of the student auditing a class. However, class attendance is expected.

Auditing a course allows a student to take a class without the benefit of a grade or credit for a course. Student must identify the intention to audit a course at the time of registration. A student who has enrolled in a credit course as a credit-seeking student may convert that registration to “audit” status by the last day of the course’s published Add/Drop – Week of Financial Responsibility date. A credit course may not be converted to “audit” status if the course is being paid for by a third party. A student who is auditing a course is responsible for paying course tuition and fees as assessed By the published fee due deadlines. Audited classes and classes for credit are assessed the same tuition and fees.

A student auditing a course is required to adhere to the course requirements as established by the professor in the specific course being audited. An audited course is posted on the student’s transcript. However, students auditing a course receive no credit for the course. An audit course is not counted or used when calculating GPA, academic standing, graduation requirements, veteran’s benefits, other financial aid eligibility, or for certifying enrollment for outside agencies. A course declared for audit cannot be converted to a course for credit at a later date; however, the course may be subsequently repeated for credit as long as the repeat does not violate the College's Forgiveness Policy or other College regulations.