Dropping vs Withdrawing from a Class

The difference between dropping a class and withdrawing from a class is based on the time of the semester at which the student takes action:

  • Drop: If a student drops a class by the publised deadline, the class will not be included on the transcript and fees adjusted appropriately.  After the published last day to drop a class, a student must withdraw from the class following required procedures.
  • Withdraw: If a student decides not to participate in a course after the published drop deadline, it is considered a withdrawal. The class will be included on the transcript as a class attempt and the student will be responsible for all associated class fees.  All withdrawals are calculated to determine financial aid eligibility.

Please note: If a student must drop or withdraw from a class, the same methods as registration can be used, and must be done by the published last day to drop or withdraw from a class.  “Walking away” from a class, without officially dropping or withdrawing, will adversely affect the student’s transcript and/or academic standing. Students should meet with a student advisor and financial aid (if applicable) to determine possible implications of withdrawing.