Transient Students

Transient Student from EFSC

EFSC students may request approval to take a course at another Florida state college or university, non-public Florida institution or non-Florida institution on a term-by-term basis, by completing and submitting a transient student request .   A separate application must be completed and submitted for each institution, but students may request approval for up to four courses on one application.  A separate request must be submitted for each term transient status is sought.  Transient admissions is for one semester only, after which courses completed at the other institution are transferred back to EFSC.  

  • To request transient status at another Florida state school, go to FloridaShines. Click on “Succeed in College” then “Take a course at another school” then click on “Apply or Check Application Status Now.” Enter your EFSC ID and PIN, select EFSC as your Home Institution and the school you want to attend as the Transient Institution and submit your request.
  • To request transient status at non-public Florida institution or non-Florida institution not participating in Florida Shines, contact the Office of the Registrar.

Transient student status will only be approved if each of these requirements has been met:

  • Student is in good standing at EFSC with a minimum GPA of 2.00.
  • Student is degree seeking and courses are required for the degree.
  • Student has met the EFSC pre-requisite(s) for the requested course(s).
  • Student has completed all required developmental courses.
  • Student has completed a minimum of 15 college credits at EFSC. (BAS students must have completed at least 15 BAS course credits at EFSC. (3000–4000 level courses)
  • Student has no applicable holds, e.g. accounts receivable, outstanding transcripts.
  • Students in Limited Access Programs will require department chair approval before consideration.

Students will be approved to take only those courses that they would be eligible to take at Eastern Florida State College (e.g., student who has not completed developmental math would not be approved to take MAC 1105 College Algebra at EFSC or another institution.)

Courses taken by EFSC students as “transient” at another institution will transfer back with the earned grade and will count in student’s grade point average at EFSC. It is the student’s responsibility to request an official transcript be sent from the transient institution to EFSC at the end of the course term.  If a transcript is not received, transient coursework cannot be processed and a hold for the transcript will be placed on the student's account preventing release of documents, future registration and graduation.