Interim Action

  1. Interim Action. The Dean of Students (or designee), in consultation with other appropriate College officials, may at any time determine that immediate interim action is necessary to protect the health, safety, or general welfare of the College community. If the Dean of Students (or designee) reasonably forecasts that a student poses an imminent threat of harm to themselves or others in the College community, or to College property, the Dean of Students (or designee), in consultation with appropriate College officials, may in impose immediate interim action(s) on the student, including without limitation:
    1. Restrictions on contact with certain individuals via any mode of in person, verbal, written, electronic or social media communications;
    2. Restrictions on entry and/or access to College property, places, facilities, or equipment;
    3. Restrictions on class attendance;
    4. Restrictions on, or suspension from, participation in any College-sponsored program, activity, event, organization, club, athletic team (varsity or club), or competition;
    5. Temporary suspension; and/or
    6. Placement of a hold on future registration.
  2. Implementation of Interim Action and Appeal. Implementation of interim action requires the student be notified as soon as reasonably practical upon the imposition of any interim action. The notice shall state the basis for the interim action and that the student will have the opportunity to inspect all information which provided the basis for the interim action. A written notice may be sent to the student’s College email account. The College may also communicate the determination verbally to the student and concurrently deliver the written notice as described above. The student shall have 2 business days from the date of notification to appeal the interim action (not including the date of issuance). The student’s appeal of the interim action must be made in writing  to the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs/CLO and must be based upon one of the following grounds:
    1. An egregious error pertaining to the student’s involvement; or
    2. A contention that the student does not pose an imminent threat of harm to themselves or others in the College community, or to College property, and thus does not warrant interim action(s).

Any appeal of the interim action will be heard within 10 business days of receipt of the appeal, which may be delayed due to a semester break, closing of the College, or other extenuating circumstances. The outcome shall be communicated to the student via the student’s College email address within 3 business days of hearing the appeal.

If it is determined by that the interim action was not warranted, the student’s status will be reinstated, and the conduct process will continue in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. If the student does not appeal the interim action, or if the interim action is affirmed on appeal, the interim action will remain in effect until conclusion of the conduct process.

201.5.3  Appeal of Final Agency Action

A student may seek judicial review of the College’s final agency action pursuant to Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.190(b)(3), by filing a petition for certiorari review with the appropriate circuit court within 30 days of the College’s final agency action.  Students who seek review with the court must provide a copy of the petition to the Office of the College President within 1 business day of filing.