Tuition and Fees

Fees will be assessed to the student upon registration for classes. The student’s portion of fees, as shown on the student’s billing statement, must be paid by the deadline established in the College Academic Calendar.

Access Fee

As listed in the Fee Schedule, will be assessed to students enrolling in credit courses and postsecondary adult vocational clock hour courses. The Access fee provides access to the student network Wi-Fi, at many campus locations and will credit the student’s print manager account $4.00, for college wide printing.

Laboratory Fees

As listed in the Fee Schedule, are assessed in some courses to partially offset the high cost of consumable materials and supplies.

Full Cost of Instruction

Per Florida Statute, a student enrolled in the same course more than twice shall pay 100 percent of the full cost of instruction to support continuous enrollment of that student in the same class.

Late Registration Fee

As listed in the Fee Schedule, will be assessed one-time per semester, to students registering for any class in a term, after each part of term's published fee due date (the fee is assessed after each part of term's regular registration period). Students should be aware that they are responsible for meeting instructor requirements for all courses.

Adding a Class Late: During Add/Drop - Week of Financial Responsibility Period

Adding a class late, even during add/drop - Week of Financial Responsibility period, does not preclude students from completing assignments and attendance required beginning the first day of class.

Online Payment Convenience Fee

As listed in the Fee Schedule, is non-refundable and is established by our third party credit card processor to cover the cost of a credit or debit card transaction, per credit/debit card payment. There is no convenience fee when making a payment with your checking or savings account, using your routing and bank account numbers.

Processing Fee (per Dishonored Payment)

Processing Fee (per dishonored payment) will be assessed for any dishonored payment, as listed in the current Fee Schedule.

Collection Cost

Collection Cost will be assessed to students, who are referred to an outside collection agency. Eastern Florida State College may utilize the services of an attorney and/or collection agency to collect any amount past due and the student will be charged an additional amount equal to the cost of collection, (not to exceed 33%) including reasonable attorney's fees and expenses incurred by Eastern Florida State College.

Outside Fees

Outside Fees for utilizing non-EFSC sources is the student’s responsibility. Students utilizing non-EFSC proctors, non-EFSC facilities, or other non-EFSC sources may incur additional fees. The student is responsible for paying for any non-EFSC fees.

Non-Credit Class Fees

Non-credit Class Fees vary in cost according to length, materials and instructor costs. Please refer to Non-Credit Technical & Professional Training. ( - Academics & Career Options - Workforce & Training Certifications - Non-Credit Technical & Professional Training)

Other Fees

Other Fees not listed can be found in the current Fee Schedule.