This page lists substantive changes to the 2023-24 Catalog since publication, in chronological order.

August 17, 2023: changed contact information to Coordinator, Campus Advising in Academic Suspension, Reinstatement from Suspension Status, and Appeal of Academic Suspension or Refusal of Reinstatement 

August 23, 2023: Changed list of assessment mechanisms and placement scores, based on SBE 6A-10.0315 on Assessment Scores Used for Placement 

September 18, 2023: Updated Program Outcomes for several programs per request from Institutional Effectiveness

September 20, 2023: Added licensure and certification information to applicable programs per request from Coordinator Military & Veterans Services

October 10, 2023: Updated information for credit for military training experience: Military Training/Experience 

October 17, 2023: The College website rolled out a new website design; links were updated.