Military & Veterans Services

Service Center

Veterans attending Eastern Florida State College can access special services through this Center to meet their often unique educational and personal needs.

Services offered include:

  • Priority Walk-In Registration: Veteran and service member students who have completed all admissions requirements* may register for courses on a walk-in basis with a MVSC advisor starting on the day online registration opens. Veteran and service member students may use the online or walk-in process at their discretion.
  • VA Work Study Opportunity. The VA Work Study is a program that allows veterans to work under the supervision of a VA employer while providing VA outreach services, preparing and processing VA paperwork, and working at a VA medical facility or performing other VA approved activities. You can work up to 25 hours per week earning minimum wage, but it is not taxable income. Veterans are required to be training at ¾ time in order to be eligible for the work study program.
  • A student orientation program tailored for veterans
  • Training for faculty and staff on the special assistance veterans may need inside and outside the classroom
  • A computer work area where veterans can get help accessing information on their VA benefits
  • Mentoring and tutoring programs through local veteran and community organizations; Coordination with Collegiate Veteran’s Society, a student club dedicated to help fellow veterans in the transition from military to college life.
  • Qualified specialists to provide on-campus support for veteran specific transition concerns, and increasing outreach to veterans through the College's EFSCares student counseling program.

Offices of the Military & Veterans Service Center are located on the Cocoa and Melbourne Campuses. Additionally, any EFSC student who served in the military can visit or call the Military & Veterans Service Center.