SAIL (Student Access for Improved Learning)

Student Access for Improved Learning (SAIL), EFSC’s Accessibility and Disability Services Office, serves as a resource for students, faculty, staff, and the community. SAIL strives to eliminate physical, instructional, and attitudinal barriers to create an accessible and inclusive environment for all. In collaboration with faculty, staff, and administration, SAIL ensures that EFSC students, with documented disabilities, have equal access to programs and services and that reasonable accommodations are provided so that students may reach their individual potential and maximize college outcomes.

Students requesting accommodations should complete a SAIL application packet and submit relevant documentation from their health care provider to a SAIL office of their choice. An Access Specialist will review the submitted documentation and interview the student to gain information that will help match reasonable accommodations to the student’s individual needs. A team will review the information to determine reasonable and appropriate accommodations. Accommodations are individualized to level the academic playing field but are not intended to alter the integrity of the curriculum or coursework.

Through an ongoing interactive process, the SAIL team empowers students towards self-advocacy and independence,  provides academic support and resources, monitors student progress, follows up with at-risk students, and collaborates with students, faculty, and staff to reduce physical, instructional, and attitudinal barriers.

All information is kept confidential. Reasonable substitutions for and/or modifications of requirements for admission to programs, graduation, and TABE waivers for students with documented disabilities will be considered on an individual basis in accordance with sections 1007.263, 1007.264, and 1007.265 F.S. and State Board of Education Rules 6A-10.040 and 6A-10.041. For information regarding procedures for waivers and/or substitutions, students should contact a SAIL office on their respective campuses:

Cocoa & Titusville (321) 433-7295
Melbourne (321) 433-5650
Palm Bay & Eastern Florida Online (321) 433-5868