Application Instructions

Students must apply for financial aid each academic year.

  1. Apply for admission to EFSC. Only admitted students in aid-eligible programs are offered financial aid.
  2. Complete the 2023-24 Free Application at Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). EFSC’s school code number is 001470.
  3. Respond to any requests from the Financial Aid Office for additional documentation. EFSC Student email is the Financial Aid Office’s official means of communication.
  4. Provide EFSC Admissions with proof of high school graduation or equivalency.
    • Submit an official final copy of the high school transcript or GED score report, or for transfer students, provide an official copy of transcripts from each regionally accredited institution attended pursuant to EFSC’s admission policy.
    • Transfer students who have not earned an associate's degree must also provide completion of high school (high school transcript with graduation date, GED transcript, or home school affidavit).
    • EFSC may prepare a financial aid offer letter without receiving final high school or college transcripts, but aid will not authorize or disburse aid until these documents are received.


The federal government requires some applications to be reviewed for accuracy through a process called “verification.” If selected for this process, students are required to provide additional documentation for review. Students are notified via their student e-mail and in the Financial Aid section of TitanWeb when additional documentation is required.

Students selected in the V1 verification group will need to submit the Verification Form and 2021 tax and income information.  Students selected in the V4 verification group will need to sign the Verification of Identify and Statement of Educational purpose in the presence of an EFSC Financial Aid Specialist or a notary.  Students selected in the V5 verification group will need to submit the Verification Form, 2021 tax and income information, and sign the Verification of Identify and Statement of Educational purpose in the presence of an EFSC Financial Aid Specialist or a notary.  Additional documentation may also be require in some circumstances to complete verification.

Student must submit the required verification documents by August 29, 2024 or 120 days after the last day of the student’s enrollment, whichever is earlier.

If students are selected for verification after their aid has disbursed, no additional disbursements will be made.  If the student does not submit the necessary documentation to complete the verification process, EFSC will report all 2023-24 Pell and SEOG disbursements as overpayments and the student will not be eligible for future financial aid until the overpayments are repaid.


Students have the right to appeal:

  • Ineligibility due to failure to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • Their financial aid offer based on a change in circumstances impacting the family’s ability to pay.
  • Dependency status due to unusual circumstances.
  • Repayment of Bright Futures Scholarships.

Appeals must be submitted by posted deadlines.

The required appeal forms are available on the Financial Aid Office’s website and in person in the campus offices. Submission of an appeal does not guarantee approval.