Developmental Education Courses

Developmental education courses are designed to assist students in acquiring the skills necessary for succeeding in college level courses. Classes are offered in different formats, including modular and compressed, during full or accelerated terms. Students must attend class regularly and earn passing grades to complete the developmental coursework. Developmental courses may not be audited.

Some forms of financial aid may not cover tuition for developmental courses because they do not count toward graduation. Students should check with the Financial Aid Office.

Non-exempt students who must take the common placement test and do not meet college ready scores are required to enroll in developmental education. Students should meet with an advisor to review their options and create an educational plan.

Alternative Methods of Developmental Instruction

Students can seek methods other than the College's developmental education courses for improvement of skills. Alternative methods of instruction include successful completion of training provided by a licensed private provider or approved options where the student completes verified time in direct subject review. Additionally, verified participation in Math Boot Camp and review time spent in  an online instructional program or coursework.  The student must provide documentation of successful completion of remediation to schedule a retest. If the student demonstrates competency by achieving college ready cut scores, he/she may progress to college level coursework in the subject area without enrollment in developmental education.