Changes to Student Records

Students may request a change to their record in writing. Typical changes include name, address, telephone number, social security number, and major. Some changes require additional documentation. Address and phone changes may also be made online, and should be verified and updated each term. The post office will not forward official College mail. 

Major Changes

To change their major or catalog year, students must complete a Major/Program Change Form and either submit online via the Student Document Dropbox located within the myEFSC Portal or submit to the campus Admissions and Records Office by the published deadline for the earliest part of term in which student is currently enrolled. Students should be aware that a major change could limit or restrict further eligibility for federal/state financial aid or Veterans Benefits, and they should check with those offices prior to submitting a request for change, if appropriate. Student should also check with an advisor to see if additional requirements are needed, such as transcripts or placement testing.

Students cannot change to a different specialization code within the same base degree once:

  1. A graduation application has been submitted for the degree or
  2. The same degree with any specialization has been awarded at EFSC.

For example, a student who has submitted a graduation application or received the degree of  A.S. Business Administration: Human Resources Specialization (AS/BUASHUMR) cannot change their major to A.S. Business Administration: Management Specialization (AS/BUASMCMT). This applies to all degrees with multiple specializations.