Business Law (BUL)

BUL 2241  Business Law 1  
Credit Hours:   3  

This course provides an overview of the legal system in the United States including the evolution of American law, constitutional law, the U.S. Constitution and the law pertaining to it, the court system, and major aspects of the federal and state judicial systems. Specific emphases are on the law relating to business including intentional torts, negligence, strict product liability, intellectual property, contracts, agreements, consideration, capacity and legality requirements, fraud, breach of contract, and criminal law.

BUL 2242  Business Law 2  
Credit Hours:   3  

This course examines contracts, warranties, secured transitions, bankruptcy law, employment and immigration law, U.S. labor law, corporate governance, and types of small business organization options including sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited liability partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies. Further, this course explores franchise and special forms of businesses.

BUL 3130  Legal, Ethical, and Social Aspects of Business  
Credit Hours:   3  
Prerequisites: Departmental approval or admission to Bachelor's program required  

This course explores the nature of legal, ethical, and societal environments of business. Emphasis is placed on business, social, legal, political, and ethical responsibilities to both external and internal groups. Topics include corporate social responsibility, legal, political, and ethical aspects of business, state and federal laws, contracts, intellectual property, employment law, product liability, safety issues, and environmental regulation.