Dental Support (DES)

DES 1020  Head, Neck, and Dental Anatomy  
Credit Hours:   2  
Corequisites: DESL 1020.This course studies the anatomy of the head and neck with emphasis on the maxilla, mandible, and related oral structures  

The permanent and deciduous dentitions are discussed including morphology, function, occlusion, eruption, and numbering systems. The skeletal anatomy of the head along with salivary glands, muscles, blood supply, nerves, and lymphatic system of the head and neck are identified and described. The tongue including function, nerve innervation, blood supply, and papilla are discussed.

DES 1200  Dental Radiography  
Credit Hours:   2  
Corequisites: DESL 1200  

This course provides the student with the fundamental knowledge of the nature, physics, and biological effects of radiation to maximize understanding of proper control and safety precautions to be used in exposing film or digital dental radiographs. The student will also have experience with processing, mounting, and evaluating diagnostically acceptable dental radiographs.

DES 1502  Dental Office Management  
Credit Hours:   1  

This course introduces the student to the skills needed for the daily operation of the dental business office. The course includes communication and telephone techniques, appointment control, inventory control, ordering, recall systems, accounts receivable and payable, dental insurance, and use and evaluation of a dental office software program.

DES 1600  Dental Office Emergencies  
Credit Hours:   1  

This course explores theory and practice in basic emergency procedures to manage medical emergencies occurring in the dental setting.

DES 1800  Introduction to Clinical Procedures  
Credit Hours:   2  

Topics in this introductory dental course include infection control techniques, the proper use of personal protective equipment, equipment maintenance and disinfection, methods of sterilization, patient/operator positioning, medical dental history, intra/extra oral examination, dental charting, four-handed dentistry, coronal polishing, topical fluoride application, and cleaning removable appliances.

DES 1840  Preventive Dentistry  
Credit Hours:   2  
Prerequisites: DES 1020 and DESL 1020 - both courses with a grade of "C" or higher  

Students are introduced to the philosophy and principles of preventive dentistry. The dental auxiliary's role in patient care utilizing proper methods for biofilm control in the treatment and prevention of periodontal disease and dental caries is emphasized. Levels of prevention, dental biofilm development, biofilm diseases, the gingiva and periodontal infections, calculus, stains, caries assessment and development, indices, tooth brushing, auxiliary biofilm control techniques, fluorides, smoking cessation, and patient education are also discussed.

DES 2100  Dental Materials  
Credit Hours:   2  
Corequisites: DESL 2100  

This course provides theoretical knowledge of the composition, preparation, and application of materials commonly used in dentistry.