Writing Developmental Ed (ENCV)

ENCV 0025  Developmental Writing 2  
Hours:   4  
Prerequisites: ENCV 0015 with a grade of "S" or appropriate placement test score in writing  

Students will learn college entry-level writing skills, including content development and organization for short essays, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. Critical thinking and collaborative learning are emphasized. Classroom activities, computer labs, and other appropriate technology tools will be used to practice these skills. A collegewide final exam is required and is weighted into the total course grade. The final exam includes an in-class essay with a weight of 25% and an objective grammar exam with a weight of 10%.

ENCV 0027  Combined Developmental Reading and Writing  
Hours:   4  
Prerequisites: REAV 0007 and ENCV 0015 or appropriate placement test scores in both reading and writing  

This course covers, in combined form, the learning objectives of upper level developmental reading and writing courses. Course delivery is a combination of class lecture, activities, and essay writing. The course is open to any exempt or non-exempt student with postsecondary education readiness test (PERT) scores of at least 84 in reading and 89 in writing. However, students with PERT scores below 90 in writing or in reading, or with similar scores on comparable placement tests, are advised to enroll first in separate reading and /or writing courses. Successful completion of the course will satisfy the developmental reading and writing requirement and allow students to enroll in ENC 1101.

ENCV 0056  Developmental Writing Modular  
Hours:   2  

In collaboration with the instructor, students will design an individual learning plan and timeline for completion of all required modules. Skills covered in this course include essay composition, introduction to research, word processing fundamentals, basic MLA formatting, and source citation. The course is open to any non-exempt or exempt student, but students with scores below 95 on PERT, or comparable scores on other placement tests, are advised to enroll first in ENCV 0025. This course may be taken for maximum credit of 8.