Environmental Studies (EVR)

EVR 1001  Introduction to Environmental Science  
Credit Hours:   3  
General Education Category: Natural Science CORE COURSE  

Meets General Education requirement. A survey of basic chemical, biological, and physical principles of environmental science and ecology from scientific, sociological, political, economic and cultural perspectives designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the sociological, political, economic and cultural aspects of environmental science and the environmental problems humans currently face. Students will also examine the social impact of these issues on diverse groups within a given community. This is a designated diversity-infused course. This course is a state-designated core course.

EVR 2430  Urban Ecology of Japan  
Credit Hours:   3  
Prerequisites: Completion of one associate level science course with a grade of "C" or higher or consent of instructor  

This course is an introduction to the field of sustainability and an exploration of practices leading to the development of sustainable cities. The course explores the concept of sustainable development of cities within local, regional, and global contexts. After this course, students will better understand the complex interactions that take place between humans, other organisms, and their urban environment.

EVR 2948  Service-Learning Field Studies 1  
Credit Hours:   1  

This course gives students opportunity to understand the relationship of theory to practice through participation in a service-learning experience. Students are required to complete 20 hours of volunteer work, a service-learning contract, and an oral and written reflection of the experience.