General Business (GEB)

GEB 1011  Introduction to Business  
Credit Hours:   3  

An introductory course in Business activities and operations. Major topics include the evolution of business organizations, ethics and social responsibilities of organizations, entrepreneurship, leadership and management theories, marketing, accounting, finance, as well as current issues in business enterprise.

GEB 2002  Career Exploration in Business  
Credit Hours:   3  

This course assists the student in examining career choices within the field of business. Students learn what career opportunities are available in business and its sub-fields. Opportunities will be provided for career decision-making, educational planning, networking, interviewing, and job searching.

GEB 2350  Principles of International Business  
Credit Hours:   3  

This course provides an overview of international business to include the analysis of socio-cultural and political conflicts affecting regulation of international trade. Topics addressed include systems of payment, balance of trade, management operations of multinational companies, and an examination of the effects of political systems on international business relationships.

GEB 2370  Foundations of Global Business - Study Abroad  
Credit Hours:   3  
Lab Fee: Yes  

This course examines the essential foundations of global business, international trade and investment, foreign direct investment, collaborative ventures, and other means of global trade. The course focuses on global market opportunities, sourcing, contractual strategies, as well as political, economic, and legal systems worldwide. As an immersion course, special requirements will encompass an overseas component. Students will travel to another country to participate in a foreign university environment, or equivalent, as well as to experience the indigenous culture, and major attractions of that nation. Further classroom lectures and student participation at Eastern Florida State College will be required.

GEB 2948  Service-Learning Field Studies 1  
Credit Hours:   1  

This course gives students opportunity to understand the relationship of theory to practice through participation in a service-learning experience. Students are required to complete 20 hours of volunteer work, a service-learning contract, and an oral and written reflection of the experience.

GEB 3213  Foundations of Managerial Communications  
Credit Hours:   3  
Prerequisites: ENC 1101 with a grade of "C" or higher and departmental approval or admission to Bachelor's program required  

This course explores the proficiencies required to succeed in today’s technologically enhanced global workplace by focusing on the development of professional interpersonal, verbal, nonverbal, and written communication skills.