Medical Assisting (MEAC)

MEAC 1205  Clinical Competencies  
Credit Hours:   8  
Lab Fee: Yes  

This course is designed to help students acquire the knowledge and skills required for employment in the clinical ambulatory care setting while also learning about distinct diverse cultural/international backgrounds. Healthcare providers must show compassion for different cultures, lifestyles, traditions, and expectations without judgment. This provides the skills needed to work and communicate effectively in a multicultural environment. Theory and lab are incorporated to enable the student to function effectively, professionally, and competently as a member of the physician's health care team. Topics include vital signs, electrocardiography, diagnostic procedures, assisting in surgery, parenteral and non-parenteral drug administration, principles of IV therapy, pediatrics, geriatrics, patients with special needs and emergency protocol. A study of these topics will enable the learner to be an efficient part of the healthcare team.

MEAC 1260  Medical Office Laboratory Procedures  
Credit Hours:   4  
Lab Fee: Yes  

This is a combination lecture and lab course designed for medical assistants to introduce the clinical laboratory, the safety associated with, and those entry-level skills associated with the role of the medical assistant. The learner will explore the microscope, basic knowledge of the Clinical Laboratory Independent Agency (CLIA), and how to perform rapid testing in the areas of microbiology, urinalysis, clinical chemistry, hematology, serology, immunohematology, and phlebotomy. Learners will engage in personal and community emergency preparedness. Students will receive and become proficient from hands-on both in the classroom and laboratory.

MEAC 1336  Administrative Competencies/Coding  
Credit Hours:   8  

This course provides both theory and lab practice introductions associated with a thorough range of the administrative skills a medical assistant should possess. Topics included are medical law and ethics, communication, appointments, scheduling, filing, insurance, coding/billing, managerial skills, accounts payable and receivable, quality improvement, and risk management. The course also introduces the student to the total patient encounter utilizing practice management and electronic health record software simulation as an integral part of the curriculum.

MEAC 1808  Medical Assistant Practicum Experience  
Credit Hours:   6  

This course serves as a scheduled work experience, without remuneration, which helps the student bridge the gap between classroom and workplace. This opportunity allows the student to apply newly obtained clinical and administrative skills and knowledge in a real-world setting, while still benefitting from instruction and supervision from experienced healthcare providers. Students continue to learn from observation and hands-on experience.