Physics (PHY)

PHY 2025  Introduction to Principles of Physics  
Credit Hours:   3  
Prerequisites: MAC 1105 with a grade of "C" or higher  

This course is an introduction to physical principles applied to topics from mechanics, electricity, circuit analysis, and optics. The course will provide students with a review of the required math skills, graphing techniques, and problem solving methods. This course is a prerequisite for College Physics and General Physics for students who have had no high school physics.

PHY 2048  General Physics 1  
Credit Hours:   4  
Prerequisites: PHY 2025 (or high school physics) and MAC 2311 - both courses with a grade of "C" or higher  
Corequisites: MAC 2312 and PHYL 2048  
General Education Category: Natural Science CORE COURSE  

Meets General Education requirement. Quantitative and qualitative study of physical principles applied to mechanics and heat. This course is a state-designated core course.

PHY 2049  General Physics 2  
Credit Hours:   4  
Prerequisites: MAC 2312, PHY 2048 and PHYL 2048 - all courses with a grade of "C" or higher  
Corequisites: PHYL 2049  
General Education Category: Science Gen Ed  

Meets General Education requirement. This course is a continuation of PHY 2048 studying wave motion, electricity, magnetism, geometrical and physical optics.