Reading Developmental Ed (REAV)

REAV 0007  Development Reading 1  
Hours:   4  
Prerequisites: Appropriate placement test score in reading  

This course is designed to build basic reading skills including word analysis and vocabulary development. Emphasis is placed on literal comprehension skills including recognition of main idea, supporting details, contextual analysis and critical thinking.

REAV 0017  Developmental Reading 2  
Hours:   4  
Prerequisites: REAV 0007 with a grade of "S" or appropriate placement test score in reading  

This course is designed to give students a strong foundation in college-level reading skills including literal reading skills and critical reading skills. A college-wide final exam, with the weight of 15% of the course, is required.

REAV 0056  Developmental Reading Modular  
Hours:   2  

This course addresses, in condensed form, the same learning objectives of REAV 0017. It is designed to develop critical reading skills needed for success in college-level courses. Course delivery is a combination of class lecture, activities, and individually prescribed technology-based assignments. The course is open to any non-exempt student, but students with scores below 95 on PERT, or comparable scores on other placement tests, are advised to enroll first in REAV 0017. This course may be taken for maximum credit of 8.