EFSCares is a free, student assistance program available to all part- and full-time enrolled students. As part of a college partnership with GEE Resolutions Counseling & Behavioral Health, EFSCares provides student assistance which may include one-on-one counseling, other behavioral health services, and/or referrals. Any enrolled EFSC student can access the EFSCares services, by calling the GEE Resolutions telephone number, 321-631-8569 and identifying themselves as an EFSC student. Once you call, the GEE Resolutions staff will connect you with a trained professional who will assess your personal situation and schedule an appointment, provide referrals, and/or support as appropriate. EFSC students receiving counseling services could receive up to six free individual counseling sessions per year. Counseling sessions are expected to be time limited and designed to provide students with short-term, solution-focused problem solving through coaching, guidance and support as well as the development of an action plan and recommendations for further intervention, when appropriate. Counseling services are arranged by GEE Resolution and will take place at their office within the community or virtually, unless otherwise arranged by GEE Resolutions. EFSC does not track your individual information. This is a private, confidential service to help you when you need it most. For additional information, contact the GEE Resolutions staff at 321-631-8569, or contact the EFSC Student Assistance Program Liaison, Emily Tonn, MA, LMHC at 321-433-7715 or