Music Comm/Mgmt/Admin (MUMC)

MUMC 2600  Introduction to Sound Recording Techniques  
Credit Hours:   4  

MUMC 2600 is an introduction to basic audio engineering and studio practices. The course includes listening exercises, a review of psychoacoustics, microphone characteristics, studio etiquette, and techniques. The course incorporates practices and procedures of multi-track recording, acoustical balancing, editing, and overdubbing.

MUMC 2604  Multi-Track Mixdown Techniques  
Credit Hours:   4  
Prerequisites: MUMC 2600  
Lab Fee: Yes  

This course explores the application of signal processing gear as it relates to multi-track master mixdowns. Software and hardware used in post-production practices is also presented.

MUMC 2606  Principles of Digital Audio  
Credit Hours:   3  
Prerequisites: MUMC 2600 with a grade of "C" or higher  
Lab Fee: Yes  

A study of digital audio production techniques, which includes sampling, editing and mixing using a digital audio workstation. The student will complete audio recording projects using a variety of digital production techniques.